Calvin Harrison Mitchell
Associate Clinical Professor Emeritus of Ophthalmology

My research interst is now in the study that Dr. Jaffe is doing on a steriod implant in the eye of a patient of uveitis. I have learned that is is not easy to evaluate the extent of flare and cells in the anterior and posterior segment of an eye. However, most eyes have improved quite a bit with this implant and the patietns appreciate getting away from drops and shots to control their inflammatory disease. One patient in particular had a wound leak at the site of implant. This leak was closed with a scleral graft, and then the patient developed glaucoma resulting in the need to put in a filtering device to control her pressure. Now she is getting some diplopia on upgaze related to some scarring around the glaucoma implant.

I am contiuing to do some drug research as a secondary investigator.

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