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Luke S. Oliver is a Doctor of Theology student at Duke Divinity School, studying the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. Luke's research interests include Hebrew narrative, historiography, theological interpretation, and Hebrew language.

Luke's dissertation (in progress) examines the presence and function of "nonspecific texts" in Hebrew narrative. "Nonspecific texts" are those narratives whose primary characters, locations, and/or time frames are not named or otherwise delineated, in contrast to the more common tendency within Hebrew narrative to name names, locate places, and specify time frames. Luke's dissertation asks how these texts fit within larger narrative units and whether there is any discernible narrative purpose to their nonspecificity. 

Luke is currently (since 2022) teaching Hebrew language courses at the Divinity School: Introduction to Biblical Hebrew (OT760, OT761) and Hebrew Readings (OT701). Previously, he served as a preceptor (2020-21) and head preceptor (2021-22) for Interpreting the Old Testament I & II (OT752, OT753) with Dr. Brent Strawn.

Luke earned Master of Divinity and Master of Nonprofit Administration degrees from North Park Theological Seminary and North Park University (2014) and a Master of Theology from the University of Edinburgh (2008). He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from Westmont College (2006).

Luke is an ordained minister in the Evangelical Covenant Church.

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