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Meltem Yucel

Postdoctoral Scholar
Psychology & Neuroscience


I’m a postdoctoral fellow funded by the NIH (NRSA; F32) at Duke University's Department of Psychology and Neuroscience. I received my Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology with a concentration in Quantitative Psychology at the University of Virginia in 2021.

I'm primarily interested in the development of social cognition and morality, specifically focusing on how and when children become moral beings. Using behavioral, eye-tracking, pupillometry, and network analysis methods, my research investigates how children and adults understand (Yucel et al., 2020, 2022) and enforce norms (Yucel & Moulder, under review; Yucel & Vaish, 2018, 2021; Yucel et al., 2021a, 20201b), and the role of affect in moral decision-making (*Beeler-Duden, *Yucel, & Vaish, 2020; Yucel & Westgate, 2022). 

I also deeply care about making Psychology more accessible. To diversify psychology, I founded two global initiatives:

Current Appointments & Affiliations