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Michael A. Freeman

Instructor in the Department of Classical Studies
Classical Studies
Office hours Fall 2022 Office Hours: Wednesday 1:00-3:00pm, or by appointment  

Exhibitions, Screenings, & Performances

Penn Museum Special Exhibits

Penn Museum · April 16, 2016 - September 3, 2017 The exhibit aimed to demonstrate the commonplace nature of "magical" practice in the ancient world through the display of a number of examples of "material magic". Exhibition development was directed by Kate Quinn, Dr. Robert Ousterhout, and Dr. Grant Frame. Michael assisted with research and curation of Greco-Roman artifacts, and he developed the exhibit’s section on "magical gems". The exhibit was reviewed in the journal "Material Religion" in 2017. See: Andrew Henry (2017) Magic in the Ancient World, Material Religion, 13:4, 549-551, DOI: 10.1080/17432200.2017.1377449 Magic in the Ancient World, Penn Museum