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I'm a fourth-year Philosophy PhD student at Duke. I received my MA in Philosophy from King’s College London, where I wrote a dissertation in philosophy of science on resolving the stalemate between proponents of reductionism and multiple realisability, respectively.

I'm interested in philosophy of cognitive (neuro)science and general philosophy of science, and I work primarily on issues in philosophy of non-human cognition and the cognitive ontology debate in cognitive neuroscience. I am a member of the Imagination and Modal Cognition lab and the Moral Attitudes and Decisions lab. I'm also interested in animal and environmental ethics.

I worked as a specialist philosophy teacher with The Philosophy Foundation, an organization based in the UK that teaches philosophy in a wide range of public settings, such as schools, hospitals and prisons.

TA appointments:
Fall 2021: Philosophy and Neuroscience, Prof Felipe De Brigard
Spring 2022: Paradoxes of Rational Choice, Prof Benjamin Eva
Fall 2022: Introduction to Philosophy, Prof Alex Rosenberg
Spring 2023: The Metaphysics of Free Will, Prof Reuben Stern

Fall 2023, Introduction to Formal Logic
Spring 2024, Philosophy of Biology (co-taught with Prof Dan McShea)

Current Appointments & Affiliations