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Paniz Musawi Natanzi

Postdoctoral Associate
Asian & Middle Eastern Studies


Paniz Musawi Natanzi is a political theorist and Postdoctoral Associate at Duke University Middle East Studies Center (DUMESC) in 2023/2024. In this role, she provides oversight, assistance and guidance on relevant programming as well as develops events at both DUMESC and Duke Islamic Studies Center (DISC). Paniz was a Postdoctoral Associate in the 2022-2023 theme year programming in “Feminist Theory and Imperialism” in Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies at Duke University. Currently, she is completing her book manuscript with the tentative title The War Mode of Art ProductionLabour, Race, and Masculinities in Afghanistan. For her doctoral dissertation she did research in urban Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan. After her Ph.D. (SOAS, University of London), Paniz worked as a consultant in policy fields relating to gender, migration and labor, mental health, and prisons in Afghanistan. 

Current Appointments & Affiliations