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Rachel Myers

Research Scientist, Senior
The Precision Medicine Program
2200 West Main Street, Suite 560, DUMC Box 104024, Durham, NC 27705
2200 West Main Street, Suite 560, DUMC Box 104024, Durham, NC 27705

Selected Publications

Primary Care Physicians' Knowledge, Attitudes, and Experience with Personal Genetic Testing.

Journal Article J Pers Med · May 24, 2019 Primary care providers (PCPs) will play an important role in precision medicine. However, their lack of training and knowledge about genetics and genomics may limit their ability to advise patients or interpret or utilize test results. We evaluated PCPs' a ... Full text Link to item Cite

IGNITE network: Response of patients to genomic medicine interventions.

Journal Article Mol Genet Genomic Med · May 2019 BACKGROUND: The IGNITE network funds six genomic medicine projects. Though interventions varied, we hypothesized that synergies across projects could be leveraged to better understand the participant experiences with genomic medicine interventions. Therefo ... Full text Link to item Cite

Effect of Sociodemographic Factors on Uptake of a Patient-Facing Information Technology Family Health History Risk Assessment Platform.

Journal Article Appl Clin Inform · March 2019 OBJECTIVE: Investigate sociodemographic differences in the use of a patient-facing family health history (FHH)-based risk assessment platform. METHODS: In this large multisite trial with a diverse patient population, we evaluated the relationship between s ... Full text Link to item Cite

Implementation, adoption, and utility of family health history risk assessment in diverse care settings: evaluating implementation processes and impact with an implementation framework.

Journal Article Genet Med · February 2019 PURPOSE: This paper describes the implementation outcomes associated with integrating a family health history-based risk assessment and clinical decision support platform within primary care clinics at four diverse healthcare systems. METHODS: A type III h ... Full text Link to item Cite

Developing a common framework for evaluating the implementation of genomic medicine interventions in clinical care: the IGNITE Network's Common Measures Working Group.

Journal Article Genet Med · June 2018 PurposeImplementation research provides a structure for evaluating the clinical integration of genomic medicine interventions. This paper describes the Implementing Genomics in Practice (IGNITE) Network's efforts to promote (i) a broader understanding of g ... Full text Link to item Cite

Transcription Factor RUNX1 Regulates Platelet PCTP (Phosphatidylcholine Transfer Protein): Implications for Cardiovascular Events: Differential Effects of RUNX1 Variants.

Journal Article Circulation · September 5, 2017 BACKGROUND: PCTP (phosphatidylcholine transfer protein) regulates the intermembrane transfer of phosphatidylcholine. Higher platelet PCTP expression is associated with increased platelet responses on activation of protease-activated receptor 4 thrombin rec ... Full text Link to item Cite

Impact of Genetic Testing and Family Health History Based Risk Counseling on Behavior Change and Cognitive Precursors for Type 2 Diabetes.

Journal Article J Genet Couns · February 2017 Family health history (FHH) in the context of risk assessment has been shown to positively impact risk perception and behavior change. The added value of genetic risk testing is less certain. The aim of this study was to determine the impact of Type 2 Diab ... Full text Open Access Link to item Cite

Clinical utility of a Web-enabled risk-assessment and clinical decision support program.

Journal Article Genet Med · October 2016 PURPOSE: Risk-stratified guidelines can improve quality of care and cost-effectiveness, but their uptake in primary care has been limited. MeTree, a Web-based, patient-facing risk-assessment and clinical decision support tool, is designed to facilitate upt ... Full text Open Access Link to item Cite

Systems Pharmacogenomics Finds RUNX1 Is an Aspirin-Responsive Transcription Factor Linked to Cardiovascular Disease and Colon Cancer.

Journal Article EBioMedicine · September 2016 Aspirin prevents cardiovascular disease and colon cancer; however aspirin's inhibition of platelet COX-1 only partially explains its diverse effects. We previously identified an aspirin response signature (ARS) in blood consisting of 62 co-expressed transc ... Full text Link to item Cite

Protocol for the "Implementation, adoption, and utility of family history in diverse care settings" study.

Journal Article Implement Sci · November 24, 2015 BACKGROUND: Risk assessment with a thorough family health history is recommended by numerous organizations and is now a required component of the annual physical for Medicare beneficiaries under the Affordable Care Act. However, there are several barriers ... Full text Open Access Link to item Cite