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Rose Trotta

House Staff

Selected Publications

A systematic analysis of surgical interventions for the airway in the mature unilateral cleft lip nasal deformity: a single case study.

Journal Article Int J Comput Assist Radiol Surg · January 2022 PURPOSE: Individuals with unilateral cleft lip nasal deformity (uCLND) often require rhinoplasty in adolescence to correct nasal obstruction. The intent of this study is to identify sites of greatest nasal obstruction and evaluate the effects of isolated a ... Full text Link to item Cite

Duoderm®-Bra for Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy.

Journal Article Annals of plastic surgery · June 2016 BackgroundNipple-sparing mastectomy (NSM) with tissue expander reconstruction is a widely used technique that can produce aesthetically pleasing reconstruction results after mastectomy. Nipple position and healthy mastectomy flaps with good vascul ... Full text Cite

Comparison of Reconstructive Outcomes in Breast Cancer Patients With Preexisting Subpectoral Implants: Implant-Sparing Mastectomy With Delayed Implant Exchange Versus Immediate Tissue Expander Reconstruction.

Journal Article Annals of plastic surgery · June 2016 BackgroundWomen who have undergone prior augmentation mammoplasty represent a unique subset of breast cancer patients with several options available for breast reconstruction. We performed a single institution review of surgical outcomes of breast ... Full text Cite

Dissociable roles for the basolateral amygdala and orbitofrontal cortex in decision-making under risk of punishment.

Journal Article The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience · January 2015 Several neuropsychiatric disorders are associated with abnormal decision-making involving risk of punishment, but the neural basis of this association remains poorly understood. Altered activity in brain systems including the basolateral amygdala (BLA) and ... Full text Cite

Lesions of the Orbitofrontal Cortex Reduce Risk-taking in Rats