Ryan Juskus

I am a PhD candidate in the Christian Theological Studies track of the Graduate Program in Religion. My research engages theological ethics, religious studies, and political ecology in the modern Americas. I use textual and ethnographic methods to research relationships between people, God, and the non-human world in order to make critically constructive contributions to scholarship on religion and theology as they intersect with environmental studies, science, politics, economics, and ethics.

A number of questions I ask in my scholarship are:
  • How do people theologically conceptualize and politicize their relation to "nature"?
  • In what ways do theology and religion shape "secular" spheres such as science and public life?
  • How does "nature" become available as an extractable, usable, and wastable resource?
  • How should we rethink political and social relations when human life is embedded in associations that are more than human?
  • How can the disciplines of theology and political ecology challenge and repair one another?
  • How might it be possible to promote ecologies of life while participating in a resource-based political economy that sacrifices others' lives and lands?

Current Research Interests

Natural resource extraction
Theology & political ecology
Christian witness
Theology, science & society
Theology & economics

Current Appointments & Affiliations

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