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Samar Miled holds a Bachelor’s degree from l’Ecole Normale Supérieure of Tunis. In 2015, she earned her Agrégation in French and Francophone Studies, and taught French language and literature at the National Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology, before working with the Institut Français of Tunis. In 2016, Samar  started writing about education, youth and women’s rights in Maghreb News. In 2017, she moved to Chicago to continue her studies as an MA student at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where she also taught French for two years. Her research explored the Image of Muslims in French and Francophone literature and arts and focused on the intercultural exchange and ideological conflicts. She joined the Romance Studies department at Duke University as a PhD student in 2019. She published Tunisie Sucrée-Salée, her first book in 2020. Her main interests are: Postcolonial studies, Resistance and Social Movements in the Maghreb and the Representation of the Tunisian Revolution in art, social media and contemporary Tunisian literature. She published her second book, Lettre à ma grand-mère, in 2022. 

Current Appointments & Affiliations