Steven Chavez

Current Research Interests

My most current research focuses on cloud modeling, revisiting the most fundamental physic-chemistry foundations of aerosols interactions with water and using a moist atmospheric model of very high resolution (50m). The moist model is a 2-dimensional large eddy simulation (includes k-theory of turbulence) and solves numerically the momemtun and thermodynamic equations in flux form (is conservative),  diffusion associated with turbulence and  the wind circulation mixes the atmosphere avoiding the need of parametrization of entrainment. To track the condensation of water over some aerosol I included bin microphysics,  which requieres an initial discretized (bin) distribution of aerosol properties obtained from measurements at the ground, depending on the atmospheric condition some aerosols get wet and condense enought water to become cloud droplets. The collition of cloud droplets of different sizes is modeled by a stochastic equation. The finals results are realistic clouds. The main objective of my reseach is to investigate the impact of atmospheric conditions and aerosol properties in the evolution of cloud droplet distribution. Knowing the distribution of cloud droplets is fundamental to determinate the cloud optical properties. These  optical properties impact the  cloud albedo effect  , which is   one of the largest sources of uncertainty in climate change estimations of radiative forcing.

Current Appointments & Affiliations

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