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I am a historian of twentieth-century Latin America, with a focus on transnational feminist movements and revolution. Under the supervision of Professor Jocelyn Olcott, my dissertation explores the transnational relationships between left feminists and anti-imperialist activists across the Americas, paying particular attention to solidarity around the Nicaraguan Revolution (1979-1990). This project expands our understandings of  transnational feminist organizing during the Cold War, solidarity movements, and the Nicaraguan Revolution. 

I graduated with a B.A. in History (summa cum laude and honors) from Rollins College in 2015. I then obtained my M.A. from Iowa State University in 2018, defending my thesis entitled, "Sandinistas and Prostitutas: Reeducation and Rehabilitation of Prostitutes in Revolutionary Nicaragua, 1980-1987." I earned a M.A. from Duke University in 2022.