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Sylvia Miller

Program Coord, Senior
John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute
114 S Buchanan Blvd, Smith Warehouse, Bay 5, 1st Floor, Durham, NC 27708

Selected Presentations & Appearances

"Publishing & Peer Review in a Post-Digital Future" - NFAIS Humanities Roundtable: Evaluation of Digital Scholarship · March 10, 2019 - March 10, 2019 Keynote/Named Lecture National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS), APA headquarters, Washington, DC

In this talk, Sylvia will make a blue-skies proposal to redefine publishing to include all forms of work that scholars are creating today. In so doing, she will take up the following questions:
What are publishing principles, and what problems might we solve by applying them to the panoply of forms that research and the outcomes of research can take? Is the term "digital humanities" boxing us in and preventing us from moving scholarly communications forward? Why is the form of the book so persistent, and how might we connect it more meaningfully to other forms of scholarship? What might a post-digital era look like, in which we value and harness the endless interplay of analog and digital? Stepping back from the blue-skies vision, what are the structural barriers and possible first steps needed to overcome them? What can we learn from recent changes in peer review guidelines and from faculty who have successfully pushed their departments to consider digital work for promotion and tenure? What are the potential risks and benefits for university presses and academic libraries in collaborating on new forms of publication? Will there eventually be lock-in of new forms and genres of publishing, and would that be good or bad for scholarship?

Publishing at the Edges: Re-Defining Publishing to Include All Forms of Work - VARDHI (Institute for Virtual and Augmented Reality for the Digital Humanities) · August 2, 2018 - August 2, 2018 Invited Talk Duke University, Franklin Humanities Institute, Duke University
"Creative Collaboration in the Humanities" · November 1, 2017 - November 1, 2017 Invited Talk The Bill & Carol Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry, Emory University, Robert W. Woodruff Library, Emory University

Miller discusses what makes a good collaboration in the humanities, drawing on her experiences as manager of the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes, program manager at Duke University's Franklin Humanities Institute, co-founder of the inter-institutional Publishing Makerspace working group, and director or coordinator of several international scholarly collaborations funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. How can faculty and institutions structure, create, and support "humanities labs"? What do humanities faculty need to have and know in order to collaborate successfully across disciplines and around themes?

Monograph Publishing at the Crossroads: The Humanities Center as Publishing Makerspace and the Monograph 2.0 - Book History and Digital Humanities Conference · September 23, 2017 - September 23, 2017 International Meeting or Conference Center for the History of Print and Digital Culture, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Pyle Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Outreach & Engaged Scholarship

Workshop Leader - How to Fold a Book from 1 Sheet of Paper 5 Ways · April 20, 2018 - April 20, 2018 Community Outreach StoryCon Festival, Story Lab , Franklin Humanities Institute, Duke University flag North Carolina

Service to Duke

Organizer/Moderator . Publishing In/With Hybrid Forms--Multimedia and Web Content in Monographs and Journals: New Options for Humanities Authors · March 26, 2019 - March 26, 2019 Event/Organization Administration Franklin Humanities Institute, Digital Humanities Initiative, Ahmadieh Family Lecture Hall, FHI
Organizer/Manager . Publishing Humanities Initiative · 2017 - 2019 Event/Organization Administration Franklin Humanities Institute, Duke University, Various

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