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Tobias Egner CV

Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience
Psychology & Neuroscience
Duke Box 90999, Durham, NC 27708-0999
LSRC B246, Durham, NC 27708


My research focuses on the computational and neural mechanisms of cognitive control, the use of internal goals to guide behavior. This involves understanding how people configure and focus on a current task, and how they switch from one task to another. We study these processes using behavioral experiments as well as computational modeling, neuroimaging, and neurostimulation techniques.

Current Appointments & Affiliations

Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience · 2020 - Present Psychology & Neuroscience, Trinity College of Arts & Sciences
Investigator in the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences · 2009 - Present Duke Institute for Brain Sciences, University Institutes and Centers
Member of the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience · 2009 - Present Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, Duke Institute for Brain Sciences
Affiliate of the Center for Brain Imaging and Analysis · 2010 - Present Duke-UNC Brain Imaging and Analysis Center, Institutes and Centers
Associate of the Duke Initiative for Science & Society · 2017 - Present Duke Science & Society, Initiatives

Education, Training & Certifications

University of London (United Kingdom) · 2002 Ph.D.
University of London (United Kingdom) · 1999 B.S.