Yu Sun Chung
Research Associate, Senior

Yu Sun Chung, Ph.D. received her Ph.D. in Behavior, Brain and Cognition program from Washington University in St. Louis under the supervisions of Drs. Deanna Barch and Todd Braver, along with Cognitive, Computational and Systems Neuroscience training. Her overall research program has focused on understanding normal and abnormal behaviors supported by frontal-limbic circuitry. Specifically, during her graduate years, her work focused on cognitive control of reward processing and anhedonia in schizophrenia and healthy adults using fMRI and behavioral paradigms. To fully understand the onset of psychopathology that typically develops in adolescence, she completed her first postdoctoral training in developmental cognitive neuroscience at Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center, Hartford, CT. During the time, she investigated sex-specific adolescent developments of response inhibition and emotion regulation using various functional connectivity methods and salivary hormone assessments. In the DEED lab, she primarily works on the Neurodevelopmental Trajectories of Reward Processing in Very Early Emerging Risk for Depression study. She is extending her skillsets to use the combination of fMRI and ERP to better delineate early developments of self-regulation and emotion in preschoolers in a sex-specific way. Her research program’s ultimate goal is to understand sex-specific neural developments of emotion, cognition, and reward processing from children through adolescence to young adults in order to develop individualized treatments for dysfunctions in emotion and cognition at the early developmental stages of psychopathology.

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