Denise Marie Nepveux
Associate Professor in Orthopaedic Surgery

Using research methods derived from social science, interdisciplinary disability studies, women’s and gender studies and political science, I direct my scholarly research efforts toward understanding community organizing, activism and other group-level empowerment strategies of older and younger adults with disabilities. My community-based research has focused on groups that are multiply marginalized, for example Ghanaian women with disabilities, low-income urban-dwelling older adults and LGBTQ+ youth with intellectual disabilities. When I study community organizing, activism and empowerment, I focus on questions of how specific policies and practices impact people, what motivates struggling people to join with others, what aids and hinders their working together, what participants learn through collective effort, and how their perceptions of themselves and their context are transformed by the experience. I am also interested in performing arts as activism and as ways to communicate scholarship to new audiences. I welcome inquiries to collaborate on research and creative projects. 



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