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Adam R. Rosenblatt CV

Associate Professor of the Practice of the International Comparative Studies Program
International Comparative Studies
Ics Program, Box 90405, Durham, NC 27708
Ics Program, 1304 Campus Drive, Durham, NC 27708-0405

Selected Publications

Engraved: A Family Forensics

Internet Publication · February 9, 2023 An essay I wrote and drew for the Society for Cultural Anthropology's Visual and New Media Review, as part of a series of responses to Writing with Light Magazine's Issue No. 1: Photography & Forensics. It's about my Grandfather, David Bialer (who was forc ... Open Access Link to item Cite

Whose humanitarianism, whose forensic anthropology?

Chapter · January 1, 2023 Reframing forensic anthropology's responsibility to recognize the continuum of violence stands to influence approaches to local and international casework, research, and public outreach. Drawing on their research and experiences around burial sites in Ugan ... Full text Cite

The Danger of a single story about forensic humanitarianism.

Journal Article Journal of forensic and legal medicine · February 2019 Since the mid-1980s, forensic scientists have played a crucial role in the international response to mass violence, contributing evidence to war crimes tribunals and identifying bodies to end the tortuous uncertainty of loved ones. Recently, experts at the ... Full text Open Access Cite

Autism, Advocacy Organizations, and Past Injustice

Journal Article Disability Studies Quarterly · December 21, 2018 Fruitful connections can be made between Disability Studies and post-conflict transitional justice, two areas of scholarship concerned with human rights and the impacts of violence that have rarely been brought into critical dialogue with one anoth ... Full text Open Access Cite

Known Unknowns: Forensic Science, the Nation-State, and the Iconic Dead

Chapter · January 5, 2017 Forensic Biohistory. Anthropological Perspectives The lives of kings, poets, authors, criminals, and celebrities are a perpetual fascination in the media and popular culture, and for decades anthropologists and other scientists haveĀ ... ... Open Access Cite

Digging for the Disappeared Forensic Science after Atrocity

Book · April 1, 2015 Digging for the Disappeared draws on interviews with key players in the field to present a new way to analyze and value the work forensic experts do at mass graves, shifting the discussion from an exclusive focus on the rights of the living ... ... Cite

International Forensic Investigations and the Human Rights of the Dead

Journal Article Human Rights Quarterly · November 2010 This essay asks whether dead bodies have human rights, and if so, what philosophical foundations those rights have. With equal importance, it considers how these rights would operate in a real-world area of human rights practice, the ... Full text Cite

Review of Missing Persons: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on the Disappeared, edited by Derek Congram

Other Human Rights Quarterly: a comparative and international journal of the social sciences, humanities and law Open Access Cite