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Professor of Philosophy
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Office: 201D West Duke

Spring 2024: By appointment


Selected Publications

What are Sex and Gender and what Do We Want them to Be?

Journal Article Metaphysics · November 10, 2023 Full text Cite

Categories We Live By: Reply to Alcoff, Butler, and Roth

Journal Article European Journal of Philosophy · March 1, 2023 The author of Categories We Live By replies to critics Linda Martín Alcoff, Judith Butler, and Abraham Sesshu Roth. ... Full text Cite

Can Conferralism Account for Systemic Racism?

Journal Article Southern Journal of Philosophy · September 1, 2022 Conferralism about race is a version of social constructivism about race, where the agents of construction seem to be individual agents. However, an important aspect of racism is systemic or structural, and seemingly not about the behavior of individual ag ... Full text Cite

The oxford handbook of feminist philosophy

Book · January 1, 2021 This exciting new Handbook offers a comprehensive overview of the contemporary state of the field. The editors’ introduction and forty-five essays cover feminist critical engagements with philosophy and adjacent scholarly fields, as well as feminist approa ... Full text Cite

Précis: Categories We Live By

Journal Article Journal of Social Ontology · March 11, 2020 AbstractThe project of Categories We Live By is to offer a metaphysics of social categories. The strategy is to give a theory of social properties of individuals. The main components of the theory ... Full text Cite

Response to Critics

Journal Article Journal of Social Ontology · March 11, 2020 AbstractThis is a response to the critical comments by Åsa Burman, Esa Díaz-León, Aaron Griffith, and Katharine Jenkins. ... Full text Cite

Ideological Absorption and Countertechniques

Journal Article Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy · December 13, 2019 Abstract here. ... Full text Cite

Categorical Injustice

Journal Article Journal of Social Philosophy · December 1, 2019 Full text Cite

Categories We Live by The Construction of Sex, Gender, Race, and Other Social Categories

Book · 2018 The main idea is that social categories are conferred upon people. Ásta introduces a 'conferralist' framework in order to articulate a theory of social meaning, social construction, and most importantly, of the construction of sex, gender, ... ... Cite

Social Kinds

Chapter · November 2, 2017 Full text Cite

The Naturalism Question in Feminism

Chapter · February 5, 2016 The subject of this chapter is to what extent a feminist should embrace naturalist commitments. I characterize naturalism as involving two commitments: a rejection of normativity and a commitment to philosophy as a descriptive discipline consisting of empi ... Full text Cite

Social Construction

Journal Article Philosophy Compass · December 1, 2015 What is social construction? This essay offers a survey of the various ways in which something could be socially constructed and then addresses briefly the questions whether social constructionism involves an untenable anti-realism and what, if anything, u ... Full text Cite

Knowledge of essence: The conferralist story

Journal Article Philosophical Studies · October 1, 2013 Realist essentialists face a prima facie challenge in accounting for our knowledge of the essences of things, and in particular, in justifying our engaging in thought experiments to gain such knowledge. In contrast, conferralist essentialism has an attract ... Full text Cite

The social construction of human kinds

Journal Article Hypatia · September 1, 2013 Social construction theorists face a certain challenge to the effect that they confuse the epistemic and the metaphysical: surely our conceptions of something are influenced by social practices, but that doesn't show that the nature of the thing in questio ... Full text Cite

The Metaphysics of Sex and Gender

Chapter · November 25, 2010 Feminist Metaphysics is the first collection of articles addressing metaphysical issues from a feminist perspective. ... Cite

Siding with euthyphro: Response-dependence and conferred properties

Journal Article European Journal of Philosophy · March 1, 2010 I argue that a response-dependence account of a concept can yield metaphysical results, and not merely epistemological or semantical results, which has been a prevalent view in the literature on response-dependence. In particular, I show how one can argue ... Full text Cite

Essentiality conferred

Journal Article Philosophical Studies · July 1, 2008 In this article I introduce a certain kind of anti-realist account of what makes a property essential to an object and defend it against likely objections. This account, which I call a 'conferralist' account, shares some of the attractive features of other ... Full text Cite