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Bobby Compton

Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Engineering Graduate and Professional Programs
Engineering Graduate and Professional Programs

Teaching Activities

Present - Teaching EGRMGMT 590.xx Advanced Topics - Energy Transition - Decarbonization.
The new course was recently developed with Wood, plc a leading global energy consulting company  The course teaches students practical engineering, economic and environmental opportunities and challenges for energy transition projects.  It provides the opportunity to work on a real-world energy transition capstone project utilizing the Wood, plc. Decarbonization SCORE methodology.  (Substitute, Capture, Offset, Reduce & Evaluate)

Past - Mentored subsections of EGRMGMT 556, Industry Practicum in the Masters of Engineering Management program. Guided students to solve challenging business consulting problems from industry sponsors.  Project examples:  assessing construction industry mergers & acquisitions, AI product marketing strategies, optimizing pharmaceutical supply chains, and identifying space commercialization best practices.

Past - Taught ECE484 & ECE485 courses in Electrical and Computer Engineering Sr Design Program.  Coursework included Electronics & Embedded Systems Design, IoT Applications, Medical Device Applications, Machine Learning Applications, RF Design, Cloud Apps, Mobile App Development and Mechanical Design disciplines.