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Catherine Reilly

Assistant Professor of Literature
Campus Box 90670, Durham, NC 27708
101A Friedl Building, 1316 Campus Drive, Durham, NC 27708
Office hours : SPRING 2024 | Wednesdays 12-2 pm and by appointment.  

Selected Publications

The Brain in History: Neurocolonialism and the Anthropocene

Journal Article Journal of Ecohumanism · October 1, 2024 Cite

Psychic Empire: Literary Modernism and the Clinical State

Book · May 1, 2024 In nineteenth-century imperial Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, new scientific fields like psychophysics, empirical psychology, clinical psychiatry, and neuroanatomy transformed the understanding of mental life in ways long seen as influencing mode ... Link to item Cite


Journal Article Slavic and East European Journal · December 1, 2022 Vsevolod Ivanov's understudied novel y (1933) grasps the development of a non-Freudian psychic economy that grew from German psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin's research on mental illness at the beginning of the twentieth century. The novel's economic postulatio ... Cite

Neuromimesis: Picturing the Humanities Picturing the Brain.

Journal Article Frontiers in integrative neuroscience · January 2022 What do neuroscientific visualizations of mental functioning depict? This article argues that neuroscientific imaging from Santiago Ramón y Cajal's pen and ink drawings onward falls within the mimetic tradition, that dealing with the artistic representatio ... Full text Cite

Digging the revolution: Andrey Platonov and the pit of progress

Journal Article College Literature · June 1, 2021 Full text Cite

Diagnosis and Revelation in Vsevolod Garshin's "The Red Flower" and Anton Chekhov's "An Attack of Nerves"

Journal Article Literature and Medicine · September 2013 This article examines Vsevolod Garshin's 1883 story "The Red Flower" and Chekhov's 1888 story "An Attack of Nerves" in light of contemporaneous work on diagnostic classificatory systems by the German neurologist Paul Julius Möbius and ... Full text Cite