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Cecilia Marquez

Hunt Family Assistant Professor of History
Dept of History, Box 90719, Durham, NC 27708
201 Classroom BDG, Durham, NC 27708

Selected Publications

A. K. S-S. Barrio America: How Latino Immigrants Saved the American City.

Journal Article The American Historical Review · March 1, 2021 Full text Cite

Multi-Ethnic Immigration and a Nuevo South: A Discussion with Perla M. Guerrero

Journal Article Journal of American Ethnic History · July 1, 2019 Full text Cite

Juan Crow and the erasure of blackness in the latina/o south

Journal Article Labor: Studies in Working-Class History · January 1, 2019 This essay examines the use of the term Juan Crow in protests against anti-immigrant legislation in the South. Using the passage of Alabama’s 2011 HB 56 law and the subsequent resistance to the legislation, this essay considers the limits of Juan Crow as a ... Full text Cite

Becoming Pedro: “Playing Mexican” at South of the Border

Journal Article Latino Studies · December 2018 Full text Cite