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Chiyeon Diane Song

Assistant Consulting Professor in the Department of Ophthalmology
2351 Erwin Road, Box 3802, Durham, NC 27710

Selected Publications

Ulcerative keratitis in gastrointestinal stromal tumor patients treated with perifosine.

Journal Article Ophthalmology · March 2008 PURPOSE: Perifosine is a novel alkylphospholipid with antiproliferative properties attributed to protein kinase B inhibition. The authors describe a form of ulcerative keratitis in 5 patients with advanced gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) enrolled in ... Full text Link to item Cite

Corneal perforation with secondary congenital aphakia in Peters anomaly.

Journal Article Cornea · January 2005 PURPOSE: To describe two cases of secondary congenital aphakia in association with Peters anomaly. METHODS: Two infants were noted to have corneal opacification at birth. Each child was found to have Peters anomaly requiring corneal transplantation in 1 or ... Full text Link to item Cite