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Donald Snow

Senior Director of the Language and Culture Center (LCC) at Duke Kunshan University
DKU Faculty

Selected Publications

A short history of written Wu, Part II: Written Shanghainese

Journal Article Global Chinese · September 1, 2018 The recent publication of the novel Magnificent Flowers (Fan Hua) has attracted attention not only because of critical acclaim and market success, but also because of its use of Shanghainese. While Magnificent Flowers is the most notable recent book to mak ... Full text Open Access Cite

intercultural communication in english courses in asia

Chapter · April 10, 2018 This volume presents in-depth studies on leading themes in education policy and intercultural communication in contemporary Asia, covering empirical as well as theoretical approaches, and offering both an in-depth investigation of their ... ... Cite

A short history of written Wu, Part I: Written Suzhounese

Journal Article Global Chinese · April 1, 2018 In two articles published in the 1920s, Hu Shi argued that China's vernacular literature movement should encompass not only literature written in Mandarin but also other regional languages in China, and suggested that Wu, particularly Suzhounese, was the r ... Full text Cite

Learning to speak in an Exam-Focused World

Chapter · September 8, 2017 However, we should also recognize that when learners' ILL efforts focus on passing a test, making choices about ... times saw these other ILL strategies as increasing their chances 53 3 Learning to Speak in an Exam-Focused World: A Study. ... Cite

More Than a Native Speaker An Introduction to Teaching English Abroad

Book · 2017 Revised and updated with new research findings and suggestions for utilitizing current technology and media tools, this text is also accompanied by a website that is packed with hundreds of activity ideas and links to additonal teaching and ... ... Cite

English teaching, intercultural competence, and critical incident exercises

Journal Article Language and Intercultural Communication · April 3, 2015 Critical incident exercises (CIEs) are increasingly used in English courses, and there seems little doubt that in addition to providing English practice opportunities CIEs also help learners build intercultural competence. The question is: What precise asp ... Full text Cite

Missionaries and written Chaoshanese

Journal Article Global Chinese · January 1, 2015 From the 1870s into the 1920s, Baptist and Presbyterian missionaries in the Chaoshan region devoted a substantial amount of time and effort to creating a body of Christian texts in written forms of Chaoshanese, and also educating Chinese Christians in this ... Full text Cite

Towards a theory of vernacularisation: insights from written Chinese vernaculars

Journal Article Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development · October 2013 Full text Open Access Cite

The Globalization of English and China's Christian Colleges

Chapter · February 15, 2013 This book explores the possible role and impact of teachers’ and students’ faith in the English language classroom. ... Cite

Revisiting Ferguson's defining cases of diglossia

Journal Article Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development · February 2013 Full text Cite

Diglossia in East Asia

Journal Article Journal of Asian Pacific Communication · January 22, 2010 This article examines the most extensive case of diglossia in history, that of diglossia in East Asia. In pre-modern times, Classical Chinese functioned as the high (H) language variety in not only China, but also Korea, Japan, and Vietnam, and thi ... Full text Cite

Hong Kong and modern diglossia

Journal Article International Journal of the Sociology of Language · January 2010 Full text Cite

Cantonese as written standard?

Journal Article Journal of Asian Pacific Communication · July 31, 2008 “Standard language” status is a relative construct defined by a variety of attributes rather than by any single criteria. This paper uses the taxonomy of standard language attributes presented in Downes 1998 as a framework for examining the degree ... Full text Cite

Cantonese as Written Language The Growth of a Written Chinese Vernacular

Book · October 1, 2004 In the early twentieth century these dialect texts were joined by Cantonese opera scripts, published as popular reading material. ... Cite

affective factors and interpretive judgments in intercultural encounters

Journal Article intercultural communication studies Cite