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Elham Alsadat Masoudi

Consulting Associate in the Department of Medicine
Medicine, General Internal Medicine

Selected Publications

Melanoma in Iranian Childhood and Adolescence: An Analysis of 14 Patients

Journal Article International Journal of Cancer Management · December 1, 2023 Background: Skin cancer is the most common cancer in Iran. Given the importance of early diagnosis in treating early tumors, knowledge of the demographic and pathological findings of the disease is helpful. Objectives: The aim of present study was to inves ... Full text Cite

Validity and reliability of the Persian version of Violence Risk Screening‑10 Instrument (V‑Risk‑10) in admitted patients to the psychiatric ward

Journal Article Journal of Research in Medical Sciences · January 1, 2022 Background: Violence Risk Screening Tool‑10 (V‑Risk‑10) is one of the few instruments available for violence risk assessment in patients with a psychiatric diagnosis. The present study aimed to validate the Persian version of this instrument in patients ad ... Full text Cite

Symptoms prior to sudden death

Journal Article Resuscitation Plus · March 1, 2021 Background: Sudden death accounts for up to 15% of all deaths among working age adults. A better understanding of victims’ medical care and symptoms reported at their last medical encounter may identify opportunities for interventions to prevent sudden dea ... Full text Cite

Missed Opportunities for Prevention of Sudden Death

Journal Article North Carolina Medical Journal · January 1, 2021 Background We assessed patterns of health care utilization to further characterize chronic comorbidities prior to sudden death. method From March 1, 2013, through February 28, 2015, all out-of-hospital deaths aged 18-64 reported by emergency medical servic ... Full text Cite

Platelet-Rich Blood Derivatives for Stem Cell-Based Tissue Engineering and Regeneration

Journal Article Current Stem Cell Reports · March 1, 2016 Platelet-rich blood derivatives have been widely used in different fields of medicine and stem cell-based tissue engineering. They represent natural cocktails of autologous growth factors, which could provide an alternative for recombinant protein-based ap ... Full text Cite