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Erin R Hanlin

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
Emergency Medicine
Box 3096, Durham, NC 27710
Box 3096, Durham, NC 27710

Selected Publications

Prehospital Validation of the Assessment of Blood Consumption (ABC) Score.

Journal Article Prehospital emergency care · January 2024 IntroductionThe Assessment of Blood Consumption (ABC) score is a previously validated scoring system designed to predict which severely injured trauma patients will require massive transfusion. When the ABC score is used in the prehospital setting ... Full text Cite

Epidemiology of out-of-hospital pediatric airway management in the 2019 national emergency medical services information system data set.

Journal Article Resuscitation · April 2022 OBJECTIVE: Airway management is an important priority in the care of critically ill children. We sought to provide updated estimates of the epidemiology of pediatric out-of-hospital airway management and ventilation interventions in the United States. METH ... Full text Link to item Cite

Thoracic spinal cord compression masquerading as cauda equina syndrome

Journal Article The American Journal of Emergency Medicine · April 2016 Full text Cite

Fall Risk and Prevention Needs Assessment in an Older Adult Latino Population: A Model Community Global Health Partnership

Journal Article Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action · June 2013 Background: The impact of falls in older adults presents a significant public health burden. Fall risk is not well-described in Latino populations nor have fall prevention programs considered the needs of this population. Objectives: ... Full text Cite

Virchow's Contribution to the Understanding of Thrombosis and Cellular Biology

Journal Article Clinical Medicine & Research · December 1, 2010 Full text Cite