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Gregor Jarosch

Associate Professor of Economics

Selected Publications

Searching for Job Security and the Consequences of Job Loss

Journal Article Econometrica · May 1, 2023 Job loss comes with large present value earnings losses which elude workhorse models of unemployment and labor market policy. I propose a parsimonious model of a frictional labor market in which jobs differ in terms of unemployment risk and workers search ... Full text Cite

The Emergence of Market Structure

Journal Article Review of Economic Studies · January 1, 2023 We study a model of over-the-counter trading in which ex ante identical traders invest in a contact technology and participate in bilateral trade. We show that a rich market structure emerges both in equilibrium and in an optimal allocation. There is conti ... Full text Cite

Internal and external effects of social distancing in a pandemic

Journal Article Journal of Economic Theory · September 1, 2021 We develop a quantitative framework for exploring how individuals trade off the utility benefit of social activity against the internal and external health risks that come with social interactions during a pandemic. We calibrate the model to external targe ... Full text Cite

Learning From Coworkers

Journal Article Econometrica · March 1, 2021 We investigate learning at the workplace. To do so, we use German administrative data that contain information on the entire workforce of a sample of establishments. We document that having more-highly-paid coworkers is strongly associated with future wage ... Full text Cite

Statistical discrimination and duration dependence in the job finding rate

Journal Article Review of Economic Studies · July 1, 2019 This article models a frictional labour market where employers endogenously discriminate against the long-term unemployed. The estimated model replicates recent experimental evidence which documents that interview invitations for observationally equivalent ... Full text Cite