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Jennifer S. Jhun

Assistant Professor of Philosophy
201-I West Duke Bldg., Box 90743, Durham, NC 27708
1364 Campus Drive, Rm 201, Durham, NC 27708

Selected Publications

Multi-Model Reasoning in Economics: The Case of COMPASS

Journal Article Philosophy of Science · October 13, 2023 Economists often consult multiple models in order to combat model uncertainty in the face of misspecification. By examining modeling practices at the Bank of England, this paper identifies an important, but underappreciated modeling procedure. Sometimes an ... Full text Cite

Book Review

Journal Article Studies in History and Philosophy of Science · October 2022 Full text Cite

Economics, Equilibrium Methods, and Multi-Scale Modeling

Journal Article Erkenntnis · April 1, 2021 In this paper, I draw a parallel between the stability of physical systems and that of economic ones, such as the US financial system. I argue that the use of equilibrium assumptions is central to the analysis of dynamic behavior for both kinds of systems, ... Full text Cite

Modeling the Possible to Modeling the Actual

Chapter · January 1, 2021 In this chapter, we consider how practicing economists go about the task of constructing explanations about the actual world by using models. After considering some notable positions in the literature in philosophy of science, we draw attention to features ... Full text Cite

What’s the point of ceteris paribus? Or, how to understand supply and demand curves

Journal Article Philosophy of Science · April 1, 2018 Philosophers sometimes claim that economics, and the idealizing strategies it employs, is ultimately unable to provide genuine laws of nature. Therefore, unlike physics, it does not qualify as an actual science. Careful consideration of thermodynamics, a w ... Full text Cite