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Kusum Knapczyk

Senior Lecturer of Hindi Language of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
2204 Erwin Road,, Room 202, Durham, NC 27708

Awards & Honors

Richard K. Lublin Distinguished Teaching Award, Trinity College

University Duke University · September 2022 More about this award

Betsy Alden Outstanding Service-Learning Award

University Duke Service Learning · July 2022

ACTFL Global Engagement Initiative Award, “Community Engagement Through Cultural Immersion in Hindi,”

National American Council for Teaching of Foreign Languages · November 2021 “Community Engagement Through Cultural Immersion in Hindi,”

Community-Engaged Scholarship Collaborative

University Office of Durham and Community Affairs · June 29, 2021 More about this award

Franklin R. Buchanan Prize for Curricular Materials

International The Association for Asian Studies · February 2021 The Association for Asian Studies, the Committee for Teaching About Asia (CTA), and the 2021 Franklin R. Buchanan Prize for Curricular Materials Committee has accorded Kusum Knapczyk and Peter Knapczyk’s work, “Reading Hindi: Novice to Intermediate," an Honorable Mention. More about this award

World Hindi Secretariat, 1st prize for the International Hindi Satire competition, Mauritius

International A Bilateral Organization of the Government of India and the Government of Mauritius · January 10, 2021 More about this award

David L. Paletz Innovative Teaching Course Enhancement Funds

University Trinity College of Arts and Sciences · 2021

BACCA fellows in the Language

University Arts and Media Program, Duke University · 2020 More about this award

Hybrid Design Fellowship

University Duke Learning Innovative, Duke University · 2018

Thompson Writing Program Award

University Duke University · 2018

International Hindi one-act play competition

International World Hindi Secretariat, Mauritius · 2017