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Luciana Parisi

Professor of Literature


Luciana Parisi’s research lays at the intersection of continental philosophy, information sciences, digital media, computational technologies. Her writings investigate technology in terms of ontological and epistemological possibilities of transformation in culture, aesthetics and politics. Her publications address the techno-capitalist investment in artificial intelligence, biotechnology, nanotechnology to explore challenges to conceptions of gender, race and class. She has also written extensively within the fields of media philosophy and computational design in order to investigate metaphysical possibilities of instrumentality. 

She was a member of the CCRU (Cybernetic Culture Research Unit) and currently a co-founding member of CCB (Critical Computation Bureau) through which she co-ideated the Symposium Recursive Colonialism, Artificial Intelligence and Speculative Computation (Dec 2020)

In 2004, she published Abstract Sex: Philosophy, Biotechnology and the Mutations of Desire, which investigates capitalist experimentations in molecular strata of nature together with non-linear theories of endosymbiosis to argue against biocentric models of sexual reproduction and conceptions of sex and gender in terms of biodigital replications and non-filiative bacterial sex. Her book Contagious Architecture: Computation, Aesthetics and Space (2013) explores algorithms in architecture and interaction design as a symptom of global cultural transformation, where algorithmic computation represents a mode of thought that challenges dominant models of human cognition. Her current project, Automating Philosophy (forthcoming) explores the possibilities of a radical thought and critique which starts with inhuman intelligence and cosmocomputations. Part of this research has been published in recent articles “Media Ontology and Transcendental Instrumentality” (2019) and “Xenopatterning: Predictive Intuition and Automated Imagination” (2019).

Current Appointments & Affiliations

Professor of Literature · 2020 - Present Literature, Trinity College of Arts & Sciences

Education, Training & Certifications

University of Warwick (United Kingdom) · 1999 Ph.D.