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Marko Cetina

Assistant Professor of Physics
Box 90305, Durham, NC 27712
701 W Main St Rm 2117, Durham, NC 27701

Selected Publications

Experimental implementation of an efficient test of quantumness

Journal Article Physical Review A · January 1, 2024 A test of quantumness is a protocol where a classical user issues challenges to a quantum device to determine if it exhibits nonclassical behavior, under certain cryptographic assumptions. Recent attempts to implement such tests on current quantum computer ... Full text Cite

Interactive cryptographic proofs of quantumness using mid-circuit measurements

Journal Article Nature Physics · November 1, 2023 The ability to perform measurements in the middle of a quantum circuit is a powerful resource. It underlies a wide range of applications, from remote state preparation to quantum error correction. Here we apply mid-circuit measurements for a particular tas ... Full text Cite

Continuous symmetry breaking in a trapped-ion spin chain.

Journal Article Nature · November 2023 One-dimensional systems exhibiting a continuous symmetry can host quantum phases of matter with true long-range order only in the presence of sufficiently long-range interactions1. In most physical systems, however, the interactions are short-ra ... Full text Cite

Digital quantum simulation of NMR experiments.

Journal Article Science advances · November 2023 Simulations of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) experiments can be an important tool for extracting information about molecular structure and optimizing experimental protocols but are often intractable on classical computers for large molecules such as pro ... Full text Cite

Demonstration of three- and four-body interactions between trapped-ion spins

Journal Article Nature Physics · October 1, 2023 Quantum processors use the native interactions between effective spins to simulate Hamiltonians or execute quantum gates. In most processors, the native interactions are pairwise, limiting the efficiency of controlling entanglement between many qubits. The ... Full text Cite

N-Body Interactions between Trapped Ion Qubits via Spin-Dependent Squeezing.

Journal Article Physical review letters · August 2022 We describe a simple protocol for the single-step generation of N-body entangling interactions between trapped atomic ion qubits. We show that qubit state-dependent squeezing operations and displacement forces on the collective atomic motion can generate f ... Full text Cite

Measurement-induced quantum phases realized in a trapped-ion quantum computer

Journal Article Nature Physics · July 1, 2022 Many-body open quantum systems balance internal dynamics against decoherence and measurements induced by interactions with an environment1,2. Quantum circuits composed of random unitary gates with interspersed projective measurements represent a minimal mo ... Full text Open Access Cite

Control of Transverse Motion for Quantum Gates on Individually Addressed Atomic Qubits

Journal Article PRX Quantum · March 1, 2022 Individual trapped atomic qubits represent one of the most promising technologies to scale quantum computers, owing to their low idle errors and the ability to implement a full set of reconfigurable gate operations via focused optical fields. However, the ... Full text Cite

Any-To-Any Connected Cavity-Mediated Architecture for Quantum Computing with Trapped Ions or Rydberg Arrays

Journal Article PRX Quantum · March 1, 2022 We propose a hardware architecture and protocol for connecting many local quantum processors contained within an optical cavity. The scheme is compatible with trapped ions or Rydberg arrays, and realizes teleported gates between any two qubits by distribut ... Full text Cite

Optimizing Stabilizer Parities for Improved Logical Qubit Memories.

Journal Article Physical review letters · December 2021 We study variants of Shor's code that are adept at handling single-axis correlated idling errors, which are commonly observed in many quantum systems. By using the repetition code structure of the Shor's code basis states, we calculate the logical channel ... Full text Cite

Fault-tolerant control of an error-corrected qubit.

Journal Article Nature · October 2021 Quantum error correction protects fragile quantum information by encoding it into a larger quantum system1,2. These extra degrees of freedom enable the detection and correction of errors, but also increase the control complexity of the encoded l ... Full text Open Access Cite

One-dimensional array of ion chains coupled to an optical cavity

Journal Article New Journal of Physics · May 1, 2013 Full text Cite