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Megan Christine Rogers

Assistant Professor of Sociology at Duke Kunshan University
DKU Faculty

Selected Publications

Does religion always help the poor? Variations in religion and social class in the west and societies in the global south

Journal Article Palgrave Communications · June 26, 2018 AbstractFrom Marx’s famous dictum that religion is “the opium of the people” to Weber’s recognition of the dignity reaped by the “religiously musical,” disagreement about both the prosocial and deleterious—even violent—effe ... Full text Cite

Religion, Secular Humanism, and Atheism: Multi‐Institutional Politics and the USAFA Cadets’ Freethinkers Group

Journal Article Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion · December 2016 The recent emergence of atheist movements despite marginalization and distrust by a majority of Americans has been explained as a successful deployment of identity politics, but scholars have less often considered the importance of how identity and ... Full text Cite