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Quinlan Bernhard Bowman

Lecturer in Ethics and Public Policy at Duke Kunshan University
DKU Faculty

Selected Publications

Studying democratic innovations: toward a problem-driven approach to case study research

Journal Article Policy Studies · September 3, 2019 Hajer and Wagenaar (2003. Deliberative Policy Analysis: Understanding Governance in the Network Society. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, xiv, 16) advanced a conception of policy analysis–“Deliberative Policy Analysis”–that “rests on three pillars: i ... Full text Cite

Deliberative Global Governance

Book · July 8, 2019 Global institutions are afflicted by severe democratic deficits, while many of the major problems facing the world remain intractable. Against this backdrop, we explore the prospects for a deliberative approach that puts effective, inclusive, and transform ... Full text Cite

Qualitative Assessment of Deliberation

Chapter · 2018 This chapter discusses three qualitative approaches to the assessment of deliberative participation: speech analysis, ethnography, and comparative case studies. In discussing these approaches, it considers exemplars of “problem-driven” research. With respe ... Full text Link to item Cite

Innovations in Democratic Governance

Chapter · 2011 This chapter explores how direct citizen participation can feature throughout the varied stages of the public policy cascade. It discusses a range of democratic innovations for public participation, focusing on three aspects of the policy process: public o ... Full text Cite