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Ryan M Donovan

Assistant Professor of Theater Studies
Theater Studies
Office hours Tuesday, 3-5 pm  

Selected Publications

‘Now you know’: On Sondheim and middle age

Journal Article Studies in Musical Theatre · December 1, 2023 This article examines how Stephen Sondheim persistently and profoundly probed the second act of life, especially the years of middle age. I didn’t know it when I began discovering Sondheim’s works as an adolescent, but his lyrical insights prepared me for ... Full text Cite

Queer Approaches in Musical Theatre

Book · June 29, 2023 Queer Approaches in Musical Theatre introduces readers to a facet of musicals often assumed yet misrecognized: that queerness and musical theatre's relationship extends much deeper than camp fabulosity and reveals, at times, ... ... Cite

Broadway Bodies A Critical History of Conformity

Book · 2023 "The Broadway Body I lied about my height on my résumé the entire time I was a dancer, though in truth I don't think the extra inch ever actually made a difference. ... Cite

The Body Politics of Broadway

Journal Article DANCE MAGAZINE · 2023 Cite

“That's Showbiz, Kid”

Chapter · November 29, 2022 Full text Cite

An American in Tokyo?

Chapter · November 29, 2022 Full text Cite


Chapter · November 29, 2022 Full text Cite

'If You Were Gay, That’d Be Okay': Marketing LGBTQ Musicals from 'La Cage' to 'The Prom.'

Chapter · August 26, 2022 Critics and fans alike often mistake theatrical song and dance as evoking a sweeping sense of simplicity, heteronormativity, and traditionalism. ... Cite

William Finn

Chapter · 2022 The performers, directors, playwrights, designers, and producers profiled in this collection have contributed to the representation of LGBTQ lives and culture in a variety of theatrical venues, both within the queer community and across the ... ... Cite

Style as Star

Chapter · August 16, 2019 Full text Cite

Special Issue: Dance in musical theatre

Journal Article Studies in Musical Theatre · January 1, 2019 This special issue of Studies in Musical Theatre examines the role of dance in musical theatre from a variety of perspectives. Given the scholarly turn from textual analysis to performance analysis, even studying musicals without exten-sive dance per se ca ... Full text Cite

Acts of recognition: Gesture and national identity in Agnes de Mille’s ‘Civil War Ballet’

Journal Article Studies in Musical Theatre · September 1, 2012 Through both her dances and writings Agnes de Mille explored what it means to be American. I argue that, in addition to the explicitly America-themed material de Mille chose, her choreography performs national identity through its use of gesture – ... Full text Cite