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Sabrina Sisto Alessi Cesar

Assistant Professor of Dermatology

Selected Publications

Association of Early Clinical Response to Laser Rejuvenation of Photoaged Skin with Increased Lipid Metabolism and Restoration of Skin Barrier Function.

Journal Article J Invest Dermatol · March 2023 Laser resurfacing treatments for photoaged skin have improved dramatically over the past decades, but few studies have examined the molecular mechanisms underlying differences in clinical response. Seventeen white female participants with moderate-to-sever ... Full text Link to item Cite

Chronological Aging in African-American Skin: A Reliable Photonumeric Scale Demonstrates Age and Body Mass Index as Contributing Factors.

Journal Article J Natl Med Assoc · December 2018 BACKGROUND: Increased photoprotection by natural melanin allows for African-Americans to be less impacted by photoaging than Caucasians. However, less is known about chronological aging in this population. OBJECTIVE: To create a photonumeric scale for Afri ... Full text Link to item Cite

Effect of Age, Gender, and Sun Exposure on Ethnic Skin Photoaging: Evidence Gathered Using a New Photonumeric Scale.

Journal Article J Natl Med Assoc · April 2018 BACKGROUND: African-Americans are less affected by photoaging than lighter skin individuals. Although scales for photoaging have been developed for Caucasians and Asians, no scale exists for African-Americans. AIM: To develop a photonumeric scale for photo ... Full text Link to item Cite

Pigmentation in African American skin decreases with skin aging.

Journal Article J Am Acad Dermatol · October 2016 BACKGROUND: Tristimulus colorimetry, which uses the Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage L*a*b* model┬áto quantify color, has previously been used to analyze pigmentation and erythema in human skin; however, colorimetry of African American skin is not w ... Full text Link to item Cite