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Selina Lai-Henderson

Associate Professor of American Literature and History at Duke Kunshan University
DKU Faculty

Selected Publications

“You Are no Darker Than I Am:” The Souls of Black Folk in Maoist China

Journal Article PMLA (Publications of the Modern Language Association) · May 31, 2023 Open Access Cite

Teaching and Theorizing Transnational American Studies Across the Globe

Journal Article Journal of Transnational American Studies · December 31, 2022 Link to item Cite

Introduction: Theorizing and Teaching Transnational American Studies Around the Globe

Journal Article Journal of Transnational American Studies · January 1, 2022 Full text Cite

Color around the Globe: Langston Hughes and Black Internationalism in China

Journal Article MELUS · June 1, 2020 Langston Hughes was the first African American writer to set foot on Chinese soil. Having visited Mexico, Europe, and West Africa before he turned twenty-two, Hughes eventually also made his way to the Soviet Union, Japan, and China in 1933. At the age of ... Full text Open Access Cite

Translation and International Reception

Chapter · January 2, 2020 Mark Twain In Context provides the fullest introduction in one volume to the multifaceted life and times of one of the most celebrated American writers. ... Open Access Cite

Alain Locke's New Negro: Of Words and Images

Chapter · February 15, 2019 These essays encourage a deeper understanding of creative ways of resisting and contributing, which African Americans have shown consistently throughout U.S. history. ... Open Access Cite

American Studies Across the Pacific: Music, Film, and Literature

Journal Article Journal of Transnational American Studies · 2019 Open Access Cite

Mark Twain in China

Book · May 13, 2015 Looking at Twain in various Chinese contexts—his response to events involving the American Chinese community and to the Chinese across the Pacific, his posthumous journey through translation, and China's reception of the author and his ... ... Open Access Cite

Andy Warhol

Chapter · 2010 Cite

Lowbrow, Highbrow, and the Categorization of Art

Journal Article Columbia Journal of American Studies · 2009 Cite

"Monk's World"

Chapter · 2007 Provides profiles of a variety of American authors; includes an analysis of each author's style, themes, and literary characteristics; and presents descriptions and summaries of specific works. ... Open Access Cite

Global Huckleberry Finn

Journal Article Journal of Transnational American Studies Cite