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Weiwei Shi

Assistant Professor of Material Science at Duke Kunshan University
DKU Faculty

Selected Publications

Reduced Sliding Friction of Lubricant-Impregnated Catheters.

Journal Article ACS omega · January 2024 During urethral catheterization, sliding friction can cause discomfort and even hemorrhaging. In this report, we use a lubricant-impregnated polydimethylsiloxane coating to reduce the sliding friction of a catheter. Using a pig urethra attached to a microf ... Full text Cite

Post-Pandemic: Investigation of the Degradation of Various Commercial Masks in the Marine Environment.

Journal Article Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids · August 2023 During COVID-19, personal protective equipment such as face masks was in urgent demand in the daily life. As the pandemic may have withdrawn from public attention, the disposal of face masks is a significant issue, especially plastic pollution. To address ... Full text Cite

A SARS-CoV-2 and influenza double hit vaccine based on RBD-conjugated inactivated influenza A virus

Journal Article Science Advances · June 23, 2023 The circulating flu viruses merging with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic raises a more severe threat that promotes the infectivity of SARS-CoV-2 associated with higher mortality rates. Here, we conjugated recombinant receptor binding domain (RBD) of ... Full text Cite

Gecko-Inspired Adhesives with Asymmetrically Tilting-Oriented Micropillars.

Journal Article Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids · July 2022 The anisotropic adhesion behavior of the gecko is closely related to their feet and is comprised of keratinous hairs, setae, where van der Waals forces permit attachment and detachment during locomotion. Previous research either achieved only isotropic adh ... Full text Cite

Recent Advances in Water Harvesting: A Review of Materials, Devices and Applications

Journal Article Sustainability (Switzerland) · May 1, 2022 Water is essential for life. However, water scarcity is becoming one of the most severe issues worldwide in terms of its potential impacts. There are diverse forms of water on earth and water harvesting from them is quite feasible to access more fresh wate ... Full text Cite

Optimizing Fog Harps

Journal Article ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces · August 18, 2021 Full text Cite

Synthetic trees for enhanced solar evaporation and water harvesting

Journal Article Applied Physics Letters · June 21, 2021 Solar steam generation from a porous evaporator is a promising approach for harvesting fresh water. Parasitic heat loss can be reduced by using a 3D evaporator that extends above the free surface; however, capillary rise constrains the height of su ... Full text Cite

Harps under Heavy Fog Conditions: Superior to Meshes but Prone to Tangling

Journal Article ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces · October 21, 2020 Full text Cite

Harps Enable Water Harvesting under Light Fog Conditions

Journal Article Advanced Sustainable Systems · June 2020 AbstractFog harvesting is useful for passively collecting fresh water in arid regions, but the efficiency of current mesh‐based harvesters is compromised by their poor drainage. Inspired by the linear needles of redwood tre ... Full text Cite

Passive water ascent in a tall, scalable synthetic tree

Journal Article Scientific Reports · January 14, 2020 AbstractThe transpiration cycle in trees is powered by a negative water potential generated within the leaves, which pumps water up a dense array of xylem conduits. Synthetic trees can mimic this transpiration cycle, but ha ... Full text Cite

Self-Stabilizing Transpiration in Synthetic Leaves

Journal Article ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces · April 10, 2019 Full text Cite

Fog Harvesting with Harps

Journal Article ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces · April 11, 2018 Full text Cite

Excellent Anti‐Icing Abilities of Optimal Micropillar Arrays with Nanohairs

Journal Article Advanced Materials Interfaces · December 2015 Anti‐icing abilities are achieved on surfaces of micropillar arrays with nanohairs that are fabricated by methods of soft replication and crystal growth, i.e., different micropillar arrays with the similar nanohairs, different nanohairs with the sa ... Full text Cite

Dynamic Magnetic Responsive Wall Array with Droplet Shedding-off Properties

Journal Article Scientific Reports · June 10, 2015 AbstractDirectional control of droplets on a surface is an important issue for tasks of long-range liquid-transport, self-cleaning and water repellency. However, it is still challenging to control the structure m ... Full text Cite

Droplet Transport on a Nano‐ and Microstructured Surface with a Wettability Gradient in Low‐Temperature or High‐Humidity Environments

Journal Article Advanced Materials Interfaces · June 2015 Directional driving of a droplet can be achieved on a gradient‐exhibiting, nanostructured microhump (GNMH) surface at low temperature and high humidity. The GNMH surface is fabricated using a commercial carbon fiber plate with an array of microscal ... Full text Cite

Water collection abilities of green bristlegrass bristle

Journal Article RSC Adv. · August 15, 2014 Full text Cite

Au/TiO2/Au as a Plasmonic Coupling Photocatalyst

Journal Article The Journal of Physical Chemistry C · March 15, 2012 Full text Cite