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Adam Curry

Instructor in the Earth and Climate Sciences Division
Earth and Climate Sciences

Selected Publications

Handheld LIBS for Li Exploration: An Example from the Carolina Tin-Spodumene Belt, USA

Journal Article Minerals · January 1, 2022 Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), which has recently emerged as tool for geochemical analysis outside the traditional laboratory setting, is an ideal tool for Li exploration because it is the only technique that can measure Li in minerals, rocks ... Full text Cite

Timescales and thermal evolution of large silicic magma reservoirs during an ignimbrite flare-up: perspectives from zircon

Journal Article Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology · December 1, 2021 Four voluminous ignimbrites (150–500 km3) erupted in rapid succession at 27 Ma in the central San Juan caldera cluster, Colorado. To reconstruct the timescales and thermal evolution of these magma reservoirs, we used zircon ID-TIMS U–Pb geochronology, zirc ... Full text Cite

Magmatic evolution of zoned and unzoned ignimbrites: Evidence for a complex crustal architecture feeding four rapid-sequence, caldera-forming eruptions in the san juan mountains, colorado

Journal Article Journal of Petrology · May 1, 2021 The last four caldera-forming ignimbrites in the central San Juan caldera cluster, Colorado, erupted 1400 km3 in ≤80 kyr and alternated between zoned crystal-poor rhyolite to crystal-rich dacite and unzoned, crystal-rich dacite. The zoned 150 km3 Rat Creek ... Full text Cite