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Adriane Stewart Fresh

Assistant Professor of Political Science
Political Science
140 Science Drive, 281 Gross Hall, Box 90204, Durham, NC 27708
Office hours By appointment (Room 281 Gross Hall).  

Selected Publications

Enfranchisement and Incarceration after the 1965 Voting Rights Act

Journal Article American Political Science Review · August 20, 2022 The 1965 Voting Rights Act (VRA) fundamentally changed the distribution of electoral power in the US South. We examine the consequences of this mass enfranchisement of Black people for the use of the carceral state-police, the courts, and the prison system ... Full text Open Access Cite

Polling place changes and political participation: evidence from North Carolina presidential elections, 2008–2016

Journal Article Political Science Research and Methods · October 2021 AbstractHow do changes in Election Day polling place locations affect voter turnout? We study the behavior of more than 2 million eligible voters across three closely-contested presidential elections (2008–2016) in the swin ... Full text Open Access Cite

The Politics of Locating Polling Places: Race and Partisanship in North Carolina Election Administration, 2008-2016

Journal Article Election Law Journal: Rules, Politics, and Policy · June 1, 2021 Do local election administrators change precincts and Election Day polling place locations to target voters based on their partisanship or race? We systematically evaluate whether decisions consistent with targeting occur using the near universe of eligibl ... Full text Open Access Cite