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Alexander Glass

Senior Lecturer
Earth and Climate Sciences
Box 90227, Durham, NC 27708-0227
Earth and Climate Sciences, Grainger Hall, 9 Circuit Drive, Box 90328, Durham, NC 27708

Selected Publications

Eocene climate record of a high southern latitude continental shelf: Seymour Island, Antarctica

Journal Article Bulletin of the Geological Society of America · May 1, 2008 A high-resolution record of Eocene paleo-temperature variation is preserved within the high southern latitude, marine shelf succession of the La Meseta Formation on Seymour Island, off the NE side of the Antarctic Peninsula. 87Sr/86Sr ratios of bivalve she ... Full text Cite

Climate Change and Trophic Response of the Antarctic Bottom Fauna

Journal Article Public Library of Science ONE · 2008 Background. As Earth warms, temperate and subpolar marine species will increasingly shift their geographic ranges poleward. The endemic shelf fauna of Antarctica is especially vulnerable to climate-mediated biological invasions because cold temperatures cu ... Cite