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Alfredo Deza

Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Engineering Graduate and Professional Programs
Engineering Graduate and Professional Programs

Selected Publications

Practical MLOps Operationalizing Machine Learning Models

Book · December 21, 2021 The faster you deliver a machine learning system that works, the faster you can focus on the business problems you're trying to crack. This book gives you a head start. ... Cite

Testing in Python Robust Testing for Professionals

Book · February 27, 2020 Getting started with testing can be hard, and this book aims make it all very easy by using examples and explaining the process in a straightforward way. ... Cite

Minimal Python

Book · 2020 By eliminating a large part of Python that you don't need, this book teaches you a subset of the Python language and will help you master this essential skill much more quickly. -- ... Cite

Python Command Line Tools Design Powerful Apps with Click

Book · 2020 Presenting the simplest and most powerful UI ever invented, the command-line, this book teaches you the skills you need to master creating Python command line tools using the Click framework. -- ... Cite

Python for DevOps: Learn Ruthlessly Effective Automation

Book · December 31, 2019 Much has changed in technology over the past decade. Data is hot, the cloud is ubiquitous, and many organizations need some form of automation. Throughout all these transformations, Python has become one of the most popular languages in the world. This pra ... Link to item Cite