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Allan Collard-Wexler

Professor of Economics
Box 90097, Durham, NC 27708
230 Social Sciences, Box 90097, Durham, NC 27708

Selected Publications

Dynamic Games in Empirical Industrial Organization

Journal Article · September 2, 2021 Cite

Dynamic games in empirical industrial organization

Journal Article Handbook of Industrial Organization · January 1, 2021 This chapter is organized around three main topics on dynamic games in empirical IO: models, econometrics, and empirical applications. Section 2 presents the theoretical framework, introduces the concept of Markov Perfect Nash Equilibrium, discusses existe ... Full text Cite

(Mis)Allocation, Market Power, and Global Oil Extraction

Journal Article American Economic Review · April 1, 2019 Featured Publication We propose an approach to measuring the misallocation of production in a market that compares actual industry cost curves to undistorted (counterfactual) supply curves. As compared to traditional, TFPR- based, misallocation measures, this approach leverage ... Full text Open Access Cite

“Nash-in-Nash” Bargaining: A Microfoundation for Applied Work

Scholarly Edition · February 1, 2019 Featured Publication A “Nash equilibrium in Nash bargains” has become a workhorse bargaining model in applied analyses of bilateral oligopoly. This paper proposes a noncooperative foundation for “Nash-in-Nash” bargaining that extends Rubinstein’s alternating offers model to mu ... Full text Open Access Cite

Production Function Estimation with Measurement Error in Inputs

Scholarly Edition · August 16, 2016 Production functions are a central component in a variety of economic analyses. However, these production functions often first need to be estimated using data on individual production units. There is reason to believe that, more than any other input in th ... Open Access Cite

How Do Electricity Shortages Affect Industry? Evidence from India

Journal Article American Economic Review · March 2016 We estimate the effects of electricity shortages on Indian manufacturers, instrumenting with supply shifts from hydroelectric power availability. We estimate that India's average reported level of shortages reduces the average plant's revenues and producer ... Cite

Reallocation and technology: Evidence from the US steel industry

Journal Article American Economic Review · January 1, 2015 We measure the impact of a drastic new technology for producing steel the minimillon industry-wide productivity in the US steel industry, using unique plant-level data between 1963 and 2002. The sharp increase in the industry's productivity is linked to th ... Full text Cite

Dynamic inputs and resource (Mis)allocation

Journal Article Journal of Political Economy · October 1, 2014 We investigate the role of dynamic production inputs and their associated adjustment costs in shaping the dispersion of static measures of capital misallocation within industries (and countries). Across nine data sets spanning 40 countries, we find that in ... Full text Cite

Child-adoption Matching: Preferences for gender and race

Journal Article American Economic Journal: Applied Economics · January 1, 2014 This paper uses a new dataset on child-adoption matching to estimate the preferences of potential adoptive parents over US-born and unborn children relinquished for adoption. We identify significant preferences favoring girls and against African American c ... Full text Cite

Mergers and sunk costs: An application to the ready-mix concrete industry

Journal Article American Economic Journal: Microeconomics · January 1, 2014 Horizontal mergers have a large impact by inducing a long-lasting change in market structure. Only in an industry with substantial entry barriers is a merger not immediately counteracted by postmerger entry. To evaluate the duration of the effects of a mer ... Full text Cite

Demand fluctuations in the ready-mix concrete industry

Journal Article Econometrica · May 1, 2013 I investigate the role of demand shocks in the ready-mix concrete industry. Using Census data on more than 15,000 plants, I estimate a model of investment and entry in oligopolistic markets. These estimates are used to simulate the effect of eliminating sh ... Full text Cite

Mergers in two-sided markets: An application to the Canadian newspaper industry

Journal Article Journal of Economics and Management Strategy · December 1, 2009 In this paper, we study mergers in two-sided industries and, in particular, the effects of mergers in the newspaper industry. We present a model which shows that mergers in two-sided markets may not necessarily lead to higher prices for either side of the ... Full text Cite

Discussion of Tamer and Arradillas-Lopez

Journal Article Journal of Business and Economic Statistics · 2008 Full text Cite