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Amber Ingram Fresco

Assistant Professor of Dermatology
DUMC 3135, Durham, NC 27710
234 Crooked Creek Pkwy Ste 300, Durham, NC 27713

Selected Publications

Onychocytic Matricoma Presenting as Longitudinal Melanonychia in a Skin of Color Patient.

Journal Article Skin Appendage Disord · August 2023 INTRODUCTION: Onychocytic matricoma (OCM) is a benign acanthoma of the nail matrix that presents with longitudinal melanonychia and nail thickening. Only 18 previously reported cases of OCM are in the literature since it was first described in 2012. CASE P ... Full text Link to item Cite

Quality and Perceived Usefulness of Patient-Submitted Store-and-Forward Teledermatology Images.

Journal Article JAMA Dermatol · October 1, 2022 IMPORTANCE: Patient-submitted images vary considerably in quality and usefulness. Studies that characterize patient-submitted images in a real-life setting are lacking. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the quality and perceived usefulness of patient-submitted images ... Full text Link to item Cite

Clinical and direct immunofluorescence characteristics of cutaneous toxicity associated with enfortumab vedotin.

Journal Article The British journal of dermatology · July 2022 Enfortumab vedotin (EV), a novel antibody-drug conjugate approved for metastatic urothelial carcinoma, causes a variety of cutaneous adverse reactions. We present two cases of bullous eruptions following treatment with EV, both demonstrating IgG deposition ... Full text Cite

An Atypical Myelomonocytic Cell Infiltrate: Use of Next-Generation Sequencing to Diagnose Indeterminate Cell Histiocytosis.

Journal Article The American Journal of dermatopathology · July 2022 AbstractIndeterminant cell histiocytosis (ICH) is a rare lymphoproliferative disorder that demonstrates features of Langerhans and non-Langerhans cell histiocytoses and diagnosis can be challenging. We present a case of a 62 year old woman with a ... Full text Cite

Lichen striatus post-COVID-19 vaccination.

Journal Article JAAD case reports · October 2021 Full text Cite

Cryptococcus-like changes in the setting of vasculitis.

Journal Article J Cutan Pathol · February 2019 Cutaneous vasculitis has many underlying causes, and the clinical and histological findings often overlap. Inflammatory vasculitis can mimic infection; however, distinction is critical for the timely institution of appropriate therapy. We present two patie ... Full text Link to item Cite

Identifying an Education Gap in Wound Care Training in United States Dermatology.

Journal Article J Drugs Dermatol · July 2015 IMPORTANCE: As restoration of the integument is paramount to wound healing, dermatologists should be central to managing wounds; yet this is often not the case. If a training gap exists during residency training, this may account for the observed discrepan ... Link to item Cite

Psychosocial differences between smokers and non-smokers during pregnancy.

Journal Article Addict Behav · February 2012 Despite the well-established adverse birth and childhood health outcomes associated with maternal smoking, smoking rates among pregnant women remain high. Psychosocial health attributes, including anxiety, depression, perceived stress, self-efficacy, and p ... Full text Link to item Cite