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Andrea Thoumi

Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy
Duke - Margolis Center For Health Policy
1201 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20004

Selected Publications

Addressing Housing-Related Social Needs Through Medicaid: Lessons From North Carolina's Healthy Opportunities Pilots Program.

Journal Article Health Aff (Millwood) · February 2024 North Carolina Medicaid's Healthy Opportunities Pilots program is the country's first comprehensive program to evaluate the impact of paying community-based organizations to provide eligible Medicaid enrollees with an array of evidence-based services to ad ... Full text Link to item Cite

Rethinking how development assistance for health can catalyse progress on primary health care.

Journal Article Lancet (London, England) · December 2023 Global campaigns to control HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, and vaccine-preventable illnesses showed that large-scale impact can be achieved by using additional international financing to support selected, evidence-based, high-impact investment areas and to ca ... Full text Cite

Systemic Racism Affecting Latinx Population Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond: Perspectives of Latinx Community Health Workers and Community-Based Organization Leaders.

Journal Article Health Equity · 2023 INTRODUCTION: The purpose of this study is to identify forms of systemic racism experienced by Latinx communities in North Carolina during the COVID-19 pandemic as identified by Latinx community health workers (CHWs) and community-based organization (CBO) ... Full text Link to item Cite

Promoting Latinx health equity through community-engaged policy and practice reforms in North Carolina.

Journal Article Front Public Health · 2023 INTRODUCTION: The Latinx Advocacy Team & Interdisciplinary Network for COVID-19 (LATIN-19) is a unique multi-sector coalition formed early in the COVID-19 pandemic to address the multi-level health inequities faced by Latinx communities in North Carolina. ... Full text Open Access Link to item Cite

Assessment of Population-Level Disadvantage Indices to Inform Equitable Health Policy.

Journal Article Milbank Q · December 2022 UNLABELLED: Policy Points The rapid uptake of disadvantage indices during the pandemic highlights investment in implementing tools that address health equity to inform policy. Existing indices differ in their design, including data elements, social determi ... Full text Link to item Cite

Is value-based payment for healthcare feasible under Ghana's National Health Insurance Scheme?

Journal Article Health research policy and systems · December 2021 BackgroundEffective payment mechanisms for healthcare are critical to the quality of care and the efficiency and responsiveness of health systems to meet specific population health needs. Since its inception, Ghana's National Health Insurance Sche ... Full text Cite

Reinforcing locally led solutions for universal health coverage: a logic model with applications in Benin, Namibia and Uganda.

Journal Article BMJ global health · February 2021 Development assistance for health programmes is often characterised as donor-led models with minimal country ownership and limited sustainability. This article presents new ways for low-income and middle-income countries to gain more control of their devel ... Full text Cite

Policy Considerations to Promote Equitable Cervical Cancer Screening and Treatment in Peru.

Journal Article Annals of global health · January 2021 BackgroundCervical cancer is one of the leading causes of death among Peruvian women. Women seeking screening or treatment services experience delays in receiving screening results provided at community clinics or district hospitals, and lack suff ... Full text Cite

Accountable Care Reforms Improve Women's And Children's Health In Nepal.

Journal Article Health affairs (Project Hope) · November 2017 Over the past decade the Ministry of Health of Nepal and the nonprofit Possible have partnered to deliver primary and secondary health care via a public-private partnership. We applied an accountable care framework that we previously developed to describe ... Full text Cite

Improving Care And Lowering Costs: Evidence And Lessons From A Global Analysis Of Accountable Care Reforms.

Journal Article Health affairs (Project Hope) · November 2017 Policy makers and providers are under increasing pressure to find innovative approaches to achieving better health outcomes as efficiently as possible. Accountable care, which holds providers accountable for results rather than specific services, is emergi ... Full text Cite

Innovations In Diabetes Care Around the World: Case Studies Of Care Transformation Through Accountable Care Reforms.

Journal Article Health affairs (Project Hope) · September 2015 The rising prevalence, health burden, and cost of chronic diseases such as diabetes have accelerated global interest in innovative care models that use approaches such as community-based care and information technology to improve or transform disease preve ... Full text Cite

Case study: Transforming cancer care at a community oncology practice.

Journal Article Healthcare (Amsterdam, Netherlands) · September 2015 To assist practices and institutions throughout the country in implementing clinical redesign supported by - and aligned with - payment reform, we present a case study of the New Mexico Cancer Center (NMCC) based on numerous stakeholder interviews, literat ... Full text Cite

Transforming oncology care: payment and delivery reform for person-centered care.

Journal Article The American journal of managed care · May 2015 Cite

Oncology payment reform to achieve real health care reform.

Journal Article Journal of oncology practice · May 2015 Cancer care is transforming, moving toward increasingly personalized treatment with the potential to save and improve many more lives. Many oncologists and policymakers view current fee-for-service payments as an obstacle to providing more efficient, high- ... Full text Cite

Accountable care around the world: a framework to guide reform strategies.

Journal Article Health affairs (Project Hope) · September 2014 Accountable care--a way to align health care payments with patient-focused reform goals--is currently being pursued in the United States, but its principles are also being applied in many other countries. In this article we review experiences with such ref ... Full text Cite

Cost-effectiveness analysis of an additional birth dose of Hepatitis B vaccine to prevent perinatal transmission in a medical setting in Mozambique.

Journal Article Vaccine · December 2012 This study is the first to assess the cost-effectiveness of an additional birth dose of Hepatitis B (HBV) vaccine administered by professional birth attendants in medical settings in a sub-Saharan country (Mozambique). The WHO has recommended the birth dos ... Full text Cite