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Anna Holleman

Postdoctoral Associate

Selected Publications

Prevalence of obesity in religious clergy in the United States: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Journal Article Obesity reviews : an official journal of the International Association for the Study of Obesity · April 2024 ObjectiveThis systematic review aims to summarize the current body of evidence concerning the prevalence of obesity among clergy (i.e., the officially designated leaders of a religious group) in the United States.MethodFrom November 2022 ... Full text Cite

Adverse Childhood Experiences Among Seminarians: Personal Experiences of Trauma and Implications for Pastoral Well-Being and Ministerial Training

Journal Article Journal of Psychology and Theology · March 1, 2024 Recent research has shown Mainline Protestant clergy evidence poor mental health. In accounting for this, research has focused on occupational factors that impact health, with less attention paid to the role of selection into ministry as it relates to heal ... Full text Cite

Which U.S. Congregational Leaders Also Work as Chaplains? A National Overview

Journal Article Review of Religious Research · March 1, 2024 Historically, congregational leaders did the work of chaplaincy. In the past century, the professions have diverged and chaplaincy has diversified in form and function. We ask which congregational leaders currently also serve as chaplains to identify the e ... Full text Cite

Stability and shifts in the combined positive and negative mental health of clergy: A longitudinal latent class and latent transition analysis study of united methodist pastors before and after the onset of COVID-19.

Journal Article Social science & medicine (1982) · March 2024 COVID-19 and its associated restrictions presented unprecedented challenges for those in the helping professions. In this study, we seek to understand how the mental health of those who belong to one specific helping profession - clergy - changed in the co ... Full text Cite

Programming Provided by Religious Congregations in the United States to Address Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorder.

Journal Article Journal of religion and health · February 2024 Mental health conditions, including substance use disorders, are one of the most commonly occurring yet least commonly treated health ailments in the United States. Religious congregations serve as important providers of mental health services, as they can ... Full text Cite

“There’s theology and then there’s the people I love. . .”: Authority and Ambivalence in Seminarians’ Attitudes Toward Same-Sex Relationships, Marriage, and Ordination

Journal Article Sociology of Religion · September 26, 2023 AbstractDrawing from 102 in-depth interviews conducted with first-year Master of Divinity (M.Div.) students at a Mainline Protestant seminary, this paper examines how students describe and account for their ... Full text Cite

Is There a Crisis in Clergy Health?: Reorienting Research Using a National Sample

Journal Article Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion · September 1, 2023 Are religious leaders unusually unhealthy? This question has long occupied scholars interested in the study of religious institutions, and a significant body of research has examined the causes, correlates, and effects of poor health among clergy. In this ... Full text Cite

The Resilience of Clergywomen?: Gender and the Relationship between Occupational Distress and Mental Health among Congregational Leaders

Journal Article Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion · March 1, 2023 Religious leaders face unique vocational challenges that place their mental health at risk. As the clergy as a profession has traditionally been male-dominated, clergywoman experience greater occupational stress than their clergymen colleagues, putting the ... Full text Cite

US Religious Leaders' Views on the Etiology and Treatment of Depression.

Journal Article JAMA psychiatry · March 2023 ImportanceReligious leaders commonly provide assistance to people with mental illness, but little is known about clergy views regarding mental health etiology and appropriate treatment.ObjectiveTo assess the views of religious leaders reg ... Full text Cite

Racial Identity and Health Outcomes in an Emerging Latinx Immigrant Community

Journal Article Race and Social Problems · January 1, 2023 Self-reported and street race have been associated with health in the U.S. Race is a social construction based on phenotypical classifications rooted in colonialism. Yet, perceptions of race are different in the U.S. than in Latin America. We investigated ... Full text Cite

The National Survey of Religious Leaders: Background, Methods, and Lessons Learned in the Research Process

Journal Article Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion · September 1, 2022 The National Survey of Religious Leaders (NSRL) is a new survey of a nationally representative sample of 1,600 clergy from across the religious spectrum. Conducted in 2019–2020, the NSRL contains a wealth of information about congregations’ religious leade ... Full text Open Access Cite

Pastoral Ministry in Unsettled Times: A Qualitative Study of the Experiences of Clergy During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Journal Article Review of religious research · January 2022 BackgroundCOVID-19 and its associated restrictions around in-person gatherings have created unprecedented challenges for religious congregations and those who lead them. While several surveys have attempted to describe how pastors and congregation ... Full text Open Access Cite

The Financial Impacts of COVID-19 on United Methodist Churches in North Carolina: a Qualitative Study of Pastors' Perspectives and Strategies.

Journal Article Review of religious research · January 2022 BackgroundIn the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, churches in the United States were forced to stop meeting in person and move to remote forms of worship and congregational life. This shift likely impacted congregational finances, which are primaril ... Full text Cite

Religious Congregations' Technological and Financial Capacities on the Eve of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Journal Article Review of religious research · January 2022 BackgroundThe COVID-19 pandemic dramatically upended religious life and placed significant strain on religious congregations. However, the effects of the pandemic were likely not felt evenly across the religious landscape.PurposeWe used d ... Full text Cite

Changing Worship Practices in American Congregations

Journal Article Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion · December 11, 2020 Full text Open Access Cite

Introducing the Fourth Wave of the National Congregations Study

Journal Article Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion · December 1, 2020 The fourth wave of the National Congregations Study (NCS-IV) was conducted in 2018–2019 with a nationally representative sample of congregations from across the religious spectrum. The NCS-IV included a fresh cross-section of congregations generated in con ... Full text Open Access Cite