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Arinze Okafor

Biomedical Engineering


I am currently a PhD candidate at the Cell Biology Department, in Yarui Diao's lab. Prior to joining Duke, I received my training in Human Physiology, Genetics, and Bioinformatics. I believe next generation -omics technologies will play an important role in health and research in the future. Thus, my interests lie at the intersection of Cell Biology, Genomic Technologies, Functional Genomics, and Bioinformatics. In the Bioinformatics domain, I carry out routine and custom analysis of multi-omics datasets in an integrated fashion that tells a biological story. In the genomic Technologies domain, I am using and developing technologies to interrogate the role of epigenomics and chromatin interactions in regulating gene expression at the genome-wide scale. Outside the lab, I love to spend time with family, I play tennis, love cooking, am engaged in the catholic center and sing with the music group there.

Current Appointments & Affiliations