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Crystal Noel

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
701 W Main St, Chesterfield Building, Durham, NC 27701

Research Interests

Quantum computing and simulation with trapped ions, integrated photonics for scalable trapped ion systems, and electric-field noise from surfaces

Selected Grants

PIF: Software-Tailored Architecture for Quantum Co-Design (STAQ II)

ResearchSenior Investigator · Awarded by National Science Foundation · 2023 - 2028

QLCI - CI: Institute for Robust Quantum Simulation

ResearchCo-Principal Investigator · Awarded by University of Maryland, College Park · 2021 - 2026

Novel Quantum Measurement Circuits for Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computing

ResearchCo-Principal Investigator · Awarded by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency · 2024 - 2026