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Crystal Cenell Tyson

Assistant Professor of Medicine
Medicine, Nephrology
2727 Erwin Road, Suite 605, Durham, NC 27705


As a board-certified nephrologist and a certified clinical hypertension specialist (ASH-SCH), I take care of patients with kidney disorders and/or high blood pressure. Patients with chronic kidney disease and high blood pressure have an increased risk for developing complications of cardiovascular disease, such as heart attacks, congestive heart failure, strokes, kidney failure requiring dialysis or a kidney transplant, and a shortened lifespan. My clinical focus is to slow the progression of chronic kidney disease and reduce complications from cardiovascular disease with lifestyle modification. I particularly enjoy treating patients with severe or difficult to control high blood pressure by focusing on finding an effective medication regimen that provides the least side effects, eliminating ineffective medications, simplifying medication schedules, and promoting healthy lifestyle behavior. I see patients 2 days per week in the Duke Nephrology Clinic and the Duke Nephrology Hypertension Clinic.

My research interests are to reduce racial and health disparities among patients with hypertension and chronic kidney disease using lifestyle modifications. My past and current research investigates the effects of diet (i.e., the DASH diet, sodium reduction), exercise, and weight loss on blood pressure and kidney function, as well as the effect of bilateral renal artery denervation on blood pressure.

Office Hours

Duke South Clinic 2B/2C: Tuesdays 8:30a -12:30p
Duke Health Center at North Duke Street: Wednesdays 8:30a - 12:30p

Current Appointments & Affiliations

Assistant Professor of Medicine · 2021 - Present Medicine, Nephrology, Medicine
Medical Instructor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine · 2016 - Present Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Behavioral Medicine & Neurosciences, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Education, Training & Certifications

Wayne State University, School of Medicine · 2005 M.D.