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David Toole

Associate Professor of the Practice of Global Health, Theology and Ethics
Duke Global Health Institute
Box 90432, Durham, NC 27708
1604 Harris Ct, Helena, MT 59601

Selected Publications

A 2-Year Holistic Health and Stress Intervention: Results of an RCT in Clergy.

Journal Article Am J Prev Med · September 2017 INTRODUCTION: This study sought to determine the effect of a 2-year, multicomponent health intervention (Spirited Life) targeting metabolic syndrome and stress simultaneously. DESIGN: An RCT using a three-cohort multiple baseline design was conducted in 20 ... Full text Link to item Cite

The Emergence of Undergraduate Majors in Global Health: Systematic Review of Programs and Recommendations for Future Directions.

Conference The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene · January 2017 Global health education has been expanding rapidly and several universities have created an undergraduate major degree (bachelor's degree) in global heath or global health studies. Because there are currently no national guidelines for undergraduate degree ... Full text Cite

Using effort-reward imbalance theory to understand high rates of depression and anxiety among clergy.

Journal Article J Prim Prev · December 2013 The clergy occupation is unique in its combination of role strains and higher calling, putting clergy mental health at risk. We surveyed all United Methodist clergy in North Carolina, and 95% (n = 1,726) responded, with 38% responding via phone interview. ... Full text Link to item Cite

Use of a randomized multiple baseline design: rationale and design of the spirited life holistic health intervention study.

Journal Article Contemp Clin Trials · July 2013 Clergy suffer from high rates of obesity, chronic disease, and depression, and simultaneously underestimate the toll these take on their daily functioning. Health interventions are needed for clergy and may be tailored to their occupational context and the ... Full text Link to item Cite

Health Programming for Clergy: An Overview of Protestant Programs in the United States

Journal Article Pastoral Psychology · February 1, 2012 The health of clergy is important, and clergy may find health programming tailored to them more effective. Little is known about existing clergy health programs. We contacted Protestant denominational headquarters and searched academic databases and the In ... Full text Open Access Cite

Tailoring health programming to clergy: findings from a study of United Methodist clergy in North Carolina.

Journal Article Journal of prevention & intervention in the community · January 2012 Research indicating high rates of chronic disease among some clergy groups highlights the need for health programming for clergy. Like any group united by similar beliefs and norms, clergy may find culturally tailored health programming more accessible and ... Full text Cite

A theoretical model of the holistic health of United Methodist clergy.

Journal Article J Relig Health · September 2011 Culturally competent health interventions require an understanding of the population's beliefs and the pressures they experience. Research to date on the health-related beliefs and experiences of clergy lacks a comprehensive data-driven model of clergy hea ... Full text Link to item Cite