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Dingyi Xu was born and raised in Wuhan, China. With a background in painting and graphic design, she studied abroad and graduated in 2023 with a B.A. in Visual Arts Media from the University of California San Diego. During the early stages of the pandemic, Dingyi shifted her focus to documentary filmmaking and worked as a director and editor for a feature documentary team over the summer. She also had two short films based on herself about self-growth and rebuilding family selected for the 2022 Campus Creative Exhibition in San Diego. With a strong interest in digital arts, she also minored in Computer Arts and worked on game design and computer music design. During her senior year, she worked as a video producer for the International Student Office, creating promotional and educational video content with digital art practice to enhance student engagement. Now, she wants to expand her art skill and enhance interdisciplinary and experimental practice to enhance people's lives.