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Selected Publications

Forward Looking Exporters

Journal Article International Finance Discussion Paper · July 2023 This paper studies the role of expectations in driving export adjustment. We assemble bilateral data on spot exchange rates, one year ahead exchange rate forecasts and HS2-product export data for 11 exporting countries and 64 destinations, covering ... Full text Cite

Economic Resilience in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Journal Article FEDS Notes · July 2022 The global spread of COVID-19 virus in early 2020, and the measures taken to contain it pushed the global economy into a deep contraction. As illustrated in Figure 1, global GDP fell 10.5 percent below its pre-pandemic level in the second quarter o ... Full text Cite

Forward Looking Exporters

Journal Article FEDS Notes · October 6, 2021 Economic textbooks outline a simple relationship between movements in a country’s exchange rate and its export volumes. When the exporter’s currency depreciates, export volumes are expected to increase due to competitiveness gains in foreign markets ... Full text Cite